The Ford Electric Vehicle Lineup

Ford Lightning

As electric vehicles, or EVs, become more common on the La Crosse streets, Ford helps lead the way! With its impressive lineup of all-new Ford EVs, the latest Ford electric vehicles refuse to compromise on power, range, or comfort in an effort to move towards zero emissions. With three fully electric vehicles on the market and more on the way, Ford is paving the way to a more eco-friendly future. Learn more about the Ford EV lineup and why you should choose to switch over to a Ford EV with Dahl Ford Onalaska.

Why Choose an Electric Ford?

Before making the leap into the all-electric future with Ford, it’s important to understand how an electric vehicle works. Unlike traditional gas-powered vehicles, EVs lack an engine, instead replacing that power source with an electric battery. This electric battery is very large and powers everything from the electric motors that keep you moving around Holmen to your infotainment system and backup cameras. Like most batteries, it requires regular charging to keep it full. All you have to do is plug your EV into an electrical source!

There are several benefits to switching to a Ford EV, from environmental impact to cost savings. Some of these benefits include:

  • Low or zero tailpipe emissions
  • Low or no engine noise
  • No money spent on gas
  • Lower maintenance costs due to simplified construction
  • Potential EV incentives based on your location

In addition to these perks, when you buy a Ford EV, you gain access to one of the largest public charging networks in America, the BlueOval™ Charge Network. Boasting over 19,500 public charging stations and 63,000 plugs and with plans to expand, you can keep your Ford EV charged on the go by finding one of these chargers with your FordPass App.

The Ford Electric Lineup

Now that you know how easy and cost-effective electric vehicles can be, what Ford electric vehicle models are available for you to choose from? See the list below:

Ford F-150 Lightning

One of the most well-known pickup trucks has gotten the electric treatment! The Ford F-150 Lightning marries power, capability, and range to give you everything you expect from a Ford truck without the need for gas. Capable of up to 320 miles of EPA-estimated range on a full charge, and a 10,000-pound towing capacity, the F-150 Lightning is ready to take on the tough jobs in Sparta.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

The new Ford Mustang Mach-E is a stylish SUV entry in Ford’s electric lineup. With up to 312 miles of estimated range and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, the bold Mach-E is ready to make every drive one to remember. The Mustang Mach-E can seat up to five, provides a roomy cargo compartment, and is equipped with a plethora of comfort and tech features that will keep the crew entertained the whole ride long.

Ford E-Transit

Looking to upgrade your fleet or save on maintenance costs? Then the electric Ford E-Transit may be right for you. Fully customizable with three lengths, roof heights, and models, you’re able to get the exact E-Transit you need with all the upgraded tech and fuel savings you want. With the cargo van low roof option showing a demonstrated range of 126 miles on a full charge, you’ll be able to work around Onalaska with ease.

Experience the Power of Ford EVs at Dahl Ford Onalaska!

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